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TVD Fanbase, Please Help!!!!!!!!!

Can someone (Anyone!!) PLEASE explain how Stefan, Enzo & Alaric are all still vampires but Tyler isn’t a hybrid anymore?? Also, Please explain how Damon is still a vampire when he’s supposed to be officially dead and moved on. These little details are Confusing me SO much!!


"You called me out and taught me tough with love"

Jeremy Gilbert 150% rubbing off on Bonnie Bennett (◡‿◡✿)    (◕‿◕✿)            (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧


Someone bring me a bucket! I’m pretty sure I could fill one with the amount of tears I want to shed right now.


Beremy/Caroline + Sex

"Scandalous sex, even better."

How does everyone else get their gifs so clear and fancy looking? Mine were all dark and fuzzy 😖

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Beremy in Season 5 💜💚💙💛


Every Beremy Kiss from Seasons 2-4
It’s kind of frustrating how every other couple on the show have had major make out /love scenes but Beremy has only had a handful of small kisses.
Also, idk why my gifs are so dark. This was my first time ever making gifs so sorry about that lol



Okay, so I’ve finally had the chance to watch the summer finale of The Fosters. Pretty intense. But Jonnor, though


Maybe a little cuddling? Maybe a kiss? As long as it’s something like that, I’m here for it.


#JONNOR #TheFosters #GavinMacintosh #HaydenByerly #JudeandConnor @thegavinmacintosh @byerly11 @thefostersabcf


#JONNOR #TheFosters #GavinMacintosh #HaydenByerly #JudeandConnor @thegavinmacintosh @byerly11 @thefostersabcf

Me: Give me a good joke or riddle

The Fosters Writers: Okay. So, two young boys walk into a tent and stay there together and they.........

Me: ..........and they..............

The Foster Writers: HIATUS BOMB!!

Me: o_o >.< -_-

Anonymous said: And their point is? They make no sense. Why does that Bamon fan keep coming back and pretend they're not? It's embarrassing at this point. All they do is trash Beremy. That's it. With no basis whatsoever,might I add. We all know they like to belittle real relationships and glorify abuse, but it's becoming all sorts of ridiculous. They're just trolling you. They make absurd statements with no proof. "Not worthy", "not committed enough" It's all b.s. when Jeremy's been the most devoted to Bonnie.